Mayespark Primary School

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Project Description

We have established a longstanding working relationship with Mayespark Primary, an Ofsted-rated Good school. The Headteacher, Chris Lamb, is an invaluable ‘critical friend’ to us as a member of our Advisory Board. Since 2013, ASEND services have supported them to develop their inclusive practice to improve outcomes for all children with SEND, providing the school with:

  • SENCo mentoring: A short mentoring programme for the new SENCo in 2014 enabled him to oversee strategic SEND provision and compliance with the Code of Practice in relation to graduated support and interventions, provision mapping, policy reviews and Behaviour and EAL support.
  • Mentoring in 2016 for the new assistant SENCO to raise the standards for all SEND pupils, using the outcomes from the ASEND Audit. The mentoring ensured the role supported the SENCo and contributed to the on-going effective and inclusive SEND practice.

“ I would like to say how pleased we are with the work that the Mentor is doing with our SENCo at Mayespark. It is enabling us to really look again at the role and provision we are creating in the school and we are (at last) able to strategically plan SEND rather than just cope with it!”

  • The recruitment of interim ASEND Art Therapists – and then a permanent Art Therapy placement – to provide interventions for identified children and advise the school on Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) issues.

“Jessica Small (Art Therapist) has been a roaring success at Mayespark and I was keen to ask her to work three days a week and to join the staff permanently.”

  • An audit of SEND provision, taking an objective look at inclusion throughout the school and ensuring that the school was achieving good value for money in terms of the impact intervention was having on pupil progress. Recommendations from the audit in June 2015 were incorporated in a SEND Development plan and further support from a variety of ASEND specialist Advisors

Chris Lamb has recommended us to colleagues throughout Redbridge.

“I will use ASEND again and have recommended them to many colleagues”